Anson family of Shugborough, Viscounts Anson and Earls of Lichfield

Anson, William (c.1580-1645). Parentage unknown, born about 1580. Educated at Lincoln's Inn (admitted 1597). He married Joan, daughter of Robert Mitchell alias Whitehall of Oldbury (Worcs) and had issue:
(1) William Anson (1628-88) (q.v.)
He lived at Dunston (Staffs). He bought the manor of Shugborough in 1624 and also the manors of Bolehall, Tamworth (sold 1615) and Glascott (Warks).
He died after 10 May 1645; his (verbal) will was proved 7 October 1645. His widow's date of death is unknown.

Anson, William (1628-88) of Shugborough. Son of William Anson (d. 1645) and his wife Joan, daughter of Robert Mitchell alias Whitehall of Oldbury (Worcs), born 1628. He unsuccessfully claimed the right to bear arms at the heralds' visitation of Staffordshire in 1663. He married Elizabeth (d. 1668), daughter of Thomas Stafford of Bothams Hall (Derbys) and had issue including:
(1) William Anson (1656-1720) (q.v.)
(3) Elizabeth Anson;
(4) Joanna Anson; married, 17 November 1684, Edward Slaney of Baxterley
(5) Mary Anson;
(6) Thomas Anson (b. 1663), baptised 11 June 1663;
(8) Dorothy Anson (b. 1664), baptised 9 March 1664;
(7) Stafford Anson (b. 1666), baptised 6 August 1666.
(2) Charles Anson (b. 1667), baptised 2 September 1667;
He inherited the Shugborough estate from his father in 1644.
He died in 1688. His wife died in October 1668.

William Anson 1656-1720
Anson, William (1656-1720) of Shugborough.  Son of William Anson (1628-88) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Stafford of Botham Hall (Derbys), born 1656. Lawyer. He married, 20 April 1682, Isabella, daughter and co-heir of Charles Carrier of Wirksworth (Derbys), and had issue, with one other child who died young:
(1) Elizabeth Anson (b. 1683; fl. 1720), baptised 24 November 1683; died unmarried after 1720;
(2) Isabella Anson (b. 1685; fl. 1720), baptised 17 March 1685; living in 1720;
(3) William Anson (b. & d. 1687), born 2 February 1687; died in infancy, 24 February 1687;
(4) Mary Anson (1688-1762?), born 29 January 1688; possibly the person of this name who was buried at St. Sepulchre, Holborn, London, 14 September 1762;
(5) Janetta Anson (1690-1771), born 26 February 1690; married Sambrooke Adams (1701-34) of Sambrooke (Salop) and had issue including a fourth son, George Adams (1731-89) (q.v.), who inherited the Shugborough estate in 1773;
(6) Anna Anson (d. 1782) of Oakedge Hall, Colwich; died unmarried; will proved 13 June 1782;
(7) Thomas Anson (1695-1773) (q.v.);
(8) George Anson (1697-1762), 1st Baron Anson (q.v.);
(9) Joanna Anson (1699-1787) of Oakedge Hall, Colwich, baptised 11 May 1699; died unmarried; will proved 7 April 1787;
(10) William Anson (b. 1703), baptised 10 August 1703; probably died young.
He inherited the Shugborough estate from his father, and began rebuilding the house in 1693, perhaps to the design of William Smith the elder.
He died in August 1720; his will was proved in the PCC, 22 October 1720. His widow's date of death is unknown.

Thomas Anson (d. 1773)
Anson, Thomas (1695-1773) of Shugborough. Eldest surviving son of William Anson (1656-1720) and his wife Isabella, daughter of Charles Carrier of Wirksworth (Derbys), born 1695. Educated at St John's College, Oxford (matriculated 1711) and Inner Temple (admitted 1708; called to bar, 1719). He undertook the Grand Tour, visiting Paris and Spa in 1723 and Padua, Rome, Naples and Florence in 1724-25. In 1734 he visited the Levant and in 1740-41 he went abroad again, visiting Lisbon, Gibraltar, Alexandria and Rosetta, travelling up the Nile to Cairo, and then going on to Cyprus and Aleppo. He was a founder member of the Society of Dilettanti in 1732. MP for Lichfield, 1747-70.  In 1748-49 he was sent to Paris to prepare for peace negotiations with France by Lord Sandwich. He amassed a large collection of classical statuary with the help of Nollekens in Rome and Sir John Dick, British Consul at Livorno, which remained at Shugborough until 1842. He was unmarried and without issue.
He inherited the Shugborough estate from his father in 1720 and added large wings in c.1748. In 1762 he inherited almost all the property of his younger brother, Admiral Lord Anson, but he sold Moor Park in 1763 and used the proceeds to employ Athenian Stuart to design buildings for the park and also to built him a town house at 15 St James' Square, London. He also employed Matthew Brettingham to design a house in Spring Gardens for him before 1764. In 1765 he bought Oakedge Hall, Colwich, as a home for his unmarried sisters and in 1771 he employed William Emes to landscape the grounds there.
He died 30 March and was buried at Colwich, 10 April 1773; his will was proved 30 April 1773.

Admiral George Anson
Anson, Admiral George (1697-1762), 1st Baron Anson. Second surviving son of William Anson (1656-1720) and his wife Isabella, daughter of Charles Carrier of Wirksworth (Derbys), born 23 April 1697. Served in the Royal Navy from February 1711/2 (Midshipman, 1716; 2nd Lieutenant, 1718; Commander, 1722; Post-Captain, 1724; Rear-Admiral of the Blue, 1740 and of the White 1745; Vice-Admiral 1746; Admiral, 1748); served on South Carolina Station, 1724-30, 1732-35, where relatively light duties left him time for mixing in colonial society; engaged in protecting British trade in West Africa and the West Indies, 1737-39; sent to harry Spanish shipping and colonies around South America, and to capture Spanish treasure, 1740, during the course of which activity he circumnavigated the world, 1740-44 and captured the treasure ship Nuestra Señora de Covadonga, a major prize (the captain's share of which made him rich); first commander of the newly created Western Squadron, established to guard British home waters, 1746-47, in which capacity he had a further major victory against a French convoy off Cape Ortegal; a Lord of the Admiralty, 1744-51, in which capacity he was a significant reformer, formalising the ranks of naval officers and establishing the first uniform for officers; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1751-56, 1757-62; Whig MP for Hedon, 1744-47; an Elder Brother of Trinity House, 1749-62 (Master, 1752-56). Created 1st Baron Anson of Soberton (Hants), 13 June 1747 (an advancement to Viscount, with a special remainder in favour of his nephew, George Adams, was pending at the time of his death); sworn of the Privy Council, 1750. He married, 25 April 1748, Lady Elizabeth Yorke (1725-60), daughter of 1st Earl of Hardwicke but had no issue.
He purchased 15 St James Square, London (later Lichfield House) as a town house in 1748. He bought Orgreave Hall in 1752. He paid £14,000 for the Moor Park (Herts) estate the same year and spent a further £6,000 employing Matthew Brettingham to make alterations to the house, 1752-54 and Capability Brown to lay out the grounds in 1754-59.
He died 6 June 1762 while walking in the grounds at Moor Park and was buried at Colwich; the barony became extinct on his death; his will was proved 16 June 1762. His wife died 1 June 1760 and was buried at Colwich.

Anson (né Adams), George (1731-89) of Orgreave Hall. Fourth son of Sambrooke Adams (d. 1734) of Sambrooke (Salop) and his wife Janette, daughter of William Anson (d. 1720) of Shugborough, baptised 25 July 1731. Whig MP for Saltash, 1761-68, Lichfield, 1770-83. He changed his name to Anson by royal licence in 1773, on inheriting the Shugborough estate. He married, 5 January 1763, Hon. Mary (1739-1821), daughter of George Venables-Vernon, 1st Baron Vernon, and had issue:
(1) Mary Anson (1763-1837), born 8 December 1763; married, 22 January 1785, Sir Francis Ford (1758-1801), 1st bt. of Barbados and Ember Court (Surrey) and had issue four sons and five daughters; died 20 January 1837;
(2) Thomas Anson (1767-1818), 1st Viscount Anson (q.v.);
(3) Anne Anson (1768-1822), born 22 February 1768; married, 20 December 1792, Bell Lloyd (d. 1845) of Crogan (Merioneths), second son of Bell Lloyd of Bodfach (Montgomerys) and had issue; died 25 May 1822;
(4) Gen. Sir George Anson (1769-1849) GCB (q.v.);
(5) Ven. Charles Anson (1770-1827), born 20 August 1770; educated at Christ Church, Oxford (matriculated 1788; BA 1792; MA 1795); ordained deacon, 1793 and priest, 1794; rector of Lyng 1794-1827 and Mautby (Norfolk), 1804-27; Archdeacon of Carlisle and rector of Great Salkeld (Cumbld), 1805-27; died unmarried and was buried at St. George's Hanover Square, 13 June 1827; will proved 20 September 1827;

6) Sir William Anson (1772-1847), 1st bt. (q.v.);
(7) Rev. Henry Anson (1773-1854), born 19 December 1773; educated at Christ Church, Oxford (matriculated 1791; BA 1795; MA 1798); ordained 1797; rector of Gresham (Norfolk), 1798-1801; rector of Oxnead (Norfolk), 1801-54, Swanton Abbot (Norfolk), 1807-26, Skeyton (Norfolk), 1807-54, perpetual curate of Bylaugh (Norfolk), 1826-27; rector of Lyng-cum-Whitwell (Norfolk), 1827-54; died unmarried, 17 October 1854; will proved in PCC, 2 January 1855;
(8) Edward Anson (1775-1837); born 25 April 1775; educated at Lincolns Inn (admitted 1794); Capt. in Kings Own Staffordshire Regt.; married, 21 January 1808 at New Windsor (Berks), Harriott, daughter of James Ramsbottom and had issue three sons and three daughters; died 18 March 1837; will proved 7 August 1837;
(9) Lt-Col. Sambrooke Anson (1778-1846), born 18 February and baptised 15 March 1778; educated at Eton; Lt-Col. of 1st Foot Guards; married, 13 August 1831, Elizabeth Hawkins (d. 1866) and had issue one daughter; died 10 October 1846 and was buried in Norwood Cemetery, 16 October 1846; will proved 12 November 1846;
(10) Very Rev. Frederick Anson  (1779-1867), born 23 March 1779; educated at Christ Church and All Souls College, Oxford (matriculated 1797; BA 1801; MA 1804; BD and DD 1839); ordained deacon, 1802 and priest, 1803; rector of Sudbury, 1803-10; vicar of Marston-upon-Dove (Derbys), 1804-40 and Longford (Derbys), 1809-40; prebendary of Southwell, 1826-39; Dean of Chester Cathedral, 1839-67, where he began the process of restoring the Cathedral; married, May 1807, Mary Anne, only daughter of Rev. Richard Levett of Milford (Staffs) and had issue five sons and four daughters, from whom descended the Anson-Horton family of Catton Hall who will be the subject of a future post; died 8 May 1867;
(11) Catherine Juliana Anson (1780-1843), born 27 December 1780 and baptised 21 January 1781; married, 17 March 1807, Capt. Henry Stuart and had issue at least one daughter; died at Cheltenham (Glos), 5 July 1843.
He lived at Orgreave Hall until 1773, and at Shugborough thereafter, where he continued the works begun by his uncle and added to the estate. Orgreave was let after he inherited Shugborough. In 1789 he purchased 16 St James' Square, London - the house next door to Lichfield House - perhaps with thoughts of rebuilding the latter on a larger scale. The existing building was demolished in 1790 but the site was sold again in 1804.
He died 27 October 1789; his will was proved in the PCC, 18 February 1790. His widow died in London, 11 December 1821; her will was proved in the PCC, 7 February 1822.

Anson, Thomas (1767-1818), 1st Viscount Anson. Eldest son of George Anson (né Adams) of Orgreave Hall and his wife Mary, daughter of George Venables-Vernon, 1st Baron Vernon, born 14 February 1767. Educated at Eton and Oriel College, Oxford (matriculated 1784; MA 1788); undertook a Grand Tour in 1788-89, visiting Geneva, Florence, Rome and Venice. A keen agriculturalist, whose kitchen garden "was used as a kind of Academy for the study of Horticulture". Whig MP for Lichfield, 1789-1806; through the influence of Charles James Fox he was created 1st Viscount Anson, 17 February 1806. He married, 15 September 1794 at Holkham (Norfolk), Lady Anne Margaret Coke (1779-1843), second daughter of Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester, and had issue:
(1) Thomas William Anson (1795-1854), 2nd Viscount Anson & 1st Earl of Lichfield (q.v.);
(2) Hon. Anne Margaret Anson (1796-1882), born 3 October and baptised 15 November 1796; married, 12 August 1819 at Holkham (Norfolk), Archibald John Primrose (1783-1868), 4th Earl of Rosebery and had issue; died 19 August 1882; administration of goods granted 11 December 1882 (estate £6,614);
(3) Maj-Gen. Hon. George Anson (1797-1857), born 13 October and baptised 16 November 1797; educated at Eton; served in the Army 1814-57 (but was on half pay 1827-53); MP for Great Yarmouth, 1818-35, Stoke-on-Trent, 1835-37, Staffordshire South, 1837-53; Storekeeper of the Ordnance, 1835-41; Clerk of the Ordnance, 1841, 1846-52; returned to the Army as Maj-General, 1853; Chief of the Madras Army, 1854-56; Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in India, 1856-57; a good looking and well-known "man about town" and a prominent racehorse owner who won the Derby in 1842 and the Oaks in 1844; married, 30 November 1830, Hon. Isabella Elizabeth Annabella (1805-58), third daughter of Cecil Weld-Forester, 1st Baron Forester, and had issue three daughters; died of cholera at Kernal (India), 27 May 1857, while marching north to deal with the Indian Mutiny; his body was later exhumed and returned to England where he was reinterred in Kensal Green Cemetery; will proved in PCC, 27 July 1857 and a further grant of administration issued, 31 May 1860;
(4) Hon. Charles Littleton Anson (1799-1812), born 28 January and baptised 13 March 1799; midshipman in Royal Navy; killed on board HMS Bacchante by the accidental and unexplained explosion of a gun, 1812;
(5) Capt. Hon. William Anson (1801-30), born 26 February and baptised 2 March 1801; educated at Eton; Capt. in the Royal Navy; appointed CB, 13 November 1827; died unmarried and was buried at Shugborough, 19 October 1830;
(6) Georgiana Anson (b. & d. 1802); born 6 June and baptised 7 June 1802; died in infancy and was buried 9 June 1802;
(7) Hon. Henry Anson (1804-27), born 15 March and baptised 21 April 1804; educated at Christ Church, Oxford (matriculated 1822; BA 1825); travelled in the Middle East with John Fox-Strangways, but was arrested for entering a mosque; released by  the good offices of the French consul but died at Aleppo, of plague contracted while in jail, May 1827; will proved 15 July 1828;
(8) Edward Anson (b. & d. 1805), born 21 and baptised 24 July 1805; died in infancy;
(9) Hon. Georgiana Anson (1807-21), born 3 January and baptised 3 March 1807; died young 10 February 1821 and was buried at Holkham, 16 February 1821;

10) Hon. Edward Harcourt Anson (1808-17), born 20 August 1808 (a twin brother died at birth); died young, 26 June 1817;
(11) Hon. Frances Elizabeth Anson (1810-99), born 9 January and baptised 7 March 1810; married 1st, September 1835, Hon. Charles John Murray (1810-51), second son of David William Murray, 3rd Earl of Mansfield and had issue three sons and two daughters; married 2nd, 10 September 1853, Ambrose Isted (d. 1881) of Ecton Hall (Northants); died 25 December 1899;
(12) Hon. Frederica Sophia Anson (1814-67), born 24 August and baptised 2 September 1814; married, 21 April 1838, Hon. Bouverie Francis Primrose, second son of Archibald John Primrose, 4th Earl of Rosebery, by his first wife; died 11 October 1867;
(13) Hon. Elizabeth Jane Anson (1816-94), born 28 February and baptised 10 June 1816; Lady of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Victoria, 1864-90 and Extra Lady, 1890-94; married, 18 July 1837, Henry Manners Cavendish (1793-1863), 3rd Baron Waterpark, and had issue one son and two daughters; died 15 September 1894 and was buried at Doveridge (Derbys).
He inherited the Shugborough estate from his uncle in 1789 and employed Samuel Wyatt to enlarge and remodel the house and build a model farm in the park. He also enlarged the park and removed Shugborough village to a new site outside it. Wyatt also altered his town house at 15 St James' Square, 1791-94.
He died in London, 31 July 1818 and was buried at Colwich, 10 August 1818, where he is commemorated by a monument designed by Sir Richard Westmacott; his will was proved in the PCC, 10 September 1818. His widow died in London, 23 May 1843, and was buried at Shugborough, 31 May 1843 where she is commemorated by a monument designed by John Francis; her will was proved 15 July 1843.

Anson, Gen. Sir George (1769-1849) GCB. Second son of George Anson (né Adams) of Orgreave Hall and his wife Mary, daughter of George Venables-Vernon, 1st Baron Vernon, born 1769. Educated at Eton, 1779-85. Served in the Army from 1786 (Lt., 1791; Capt., 1792; Major, 1794; Lt-Col., 1798; Col., 1805; Maj-Gen., 1810; Lt-Gen, 1819; General, 1827) and was particularly noted for his distinguished conduct in several campaigns during the Peninsular War, 1809-13, for which he was thanked by the House of Commons, 1816. Colonel of 23rd Dragoons, 1814-18 and of 4th Dragoon Guards, 1827-49. MP for Lichfield, 1806-41. Aide-de-camp to King George III, 1805; Groom of Bedchamber to Duke of Kent, 1800; Equerry to HRH the Duke of Kent 1810-20 and subsequently to Duchess of Kent; Groom of the Bedchamber to HRH the Prince Consort (Prince Albert); Governor of Chelsea Hospital, 1849 and Lt-Governor, 1846-49. He married, 1800, Frances (d. 1834), sister of Sir Frederic Hamilton, 5th bt., of Silverton Hill, and had issue:
(1) Augustus George Anson (1801-29), born 13 August 1801; Lt. in 11th Dragoons; married, 4 December 1823 at Madeira, Barbara Park, neice of Mungo Park; died 10 May 1829;
(2) Mary Anne Anson (1803-75), born 28 January and baptised 24 February 1803; married 1st, 17 September 1823, Rev. Charles Gregory Okeover (1792-1826) and had issue one son and one daughter; married 2nd, 14 February 1833, Robert Plumer Ward (1765-1846) of Gilston Park (Herts); died 30 January 1875; will proved 16 February 1875 (estate under £5,000);
(3) Capt. Octavius Henry St. George Anson (1817-59), born 28 September and baptised 7 October 1817; served in 9th Lancers; married 1st, 20 February 1845, Katherine Harriette (d. 1849), daughter of James Wemyss, and had issue one son; married 2nd, 12 December 1850 at Cawnpore (India), Frances Elizabeth Manson; died 14 and buried 15 January 1859 at Mussoorie, Bengal (India); grant of administration 6 September 1862 (estate under £20);
(4) Francis Harcourt Anson (1804-31), baptised 4 May 1804; served in the Royal Navy (Lt., 1826); died unmarried, 20 July 1831;
(5) Frances Elizabeth Anson (b. & d. 1805), baptised 25 May 1805; died in infancy and was buried 3 July 1805;
(6) Maj. Frederick Walpole Anson (1806-48), born 21 May and baptised 15 June 1806; Major in the Bengal Army; married, 25 July 1827 at Agra (India), Catherine Hanson, and had issue three sons; died 12 November 1848 and was buried at Chelsea Hospital (Middx), 17 November 1848; he is commemorated by a monument in St Luke's, Chelsea designed by Samuel Cundy; will proved in PCC, 21 November 1848;
(7) Charlotte Isabella Anson (1807-42), baptised 9 May 1807; married, 29 March 1828 at Brighton (Sussex), Edward Richard Northey (1795-1878) and had issue two sons and two daughters; died at Malta, 18 January 1842;
(8) Theodosius Vernon Anson (1808-25), born 1808; died young, January 1825;
(9) Admiral Talavera Vernon Anson (1809-95), born 26 November 1809 and baptised 9 January 1810; served in Royal Navy, 1824-72 (Commander, 1838; Capt., 1841; Rear-Admiral, 1861; Vice-Admiral, 1866; Admiral, 1872); married 1st, 13 June 1843, Sarah Anne (1822-46), daughter of Richard Potter and had issue two sons; married 2nd, 24 August 1847, Caroline Octavia Emma Staveley (1829-94) and had issue one son and three daughters; died 8 September 1895; will proved 14 October 1895 (estate £320);
(10) Constantia Anson (1810-42), born 11 December 1810 and baptised 1 January 1811; married, 6 October 1831 at St Marylebone (Middx), Sir Robert North Collie Hamilton (1802-87), 6th bt. of Silvertonhill and had issue two sons and three daughters; died 28 November 1842;
(11) Sophia Anson (1812-64), born 20 October and baptised 18 November 1812; married, 11 June 1836 at St James, Westminster, John James Kinloch (1805-76) and had issue one son and one daughter; died 23 April 1864 and was buried at Teddington (Middx);
(12) Adelaide Frances Anson (1814-15), born 25 July 1814; died in infancy and was buried at Frant (Sussex), 15 January 1815;
(13) Rev. Thomas Anchitel Anson (1818-99), born 14 October and baptised 1 November 1818; educated at Eton and Jesus College, Cambridge (admitted 1838; BA 1843; MA 1847; cricket blue); ordained deacon, 1842 and priest, 1843; rector of Billingford (Norfolk), 1843-50 and Longford (Derbys), 1850-99; rural dean of Cubley, 1869-99; married, 5 August 1846 at Twyford (Norfolk), Anna Jane, daughter of Lt-Col. Henry Packe of Twyford Hall (Norfolk) and had issue three sons and seven daughters; died 3 October 1899; will proved 3 November 1899 (estate £4,975);
(14) Julia Henrietta Anson (1819-1886), born in France, 10 November 1819; Maid of Honour to HM Queen Victoria; married, 15 December 1841 at St George, Hanover Square, London, Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke (1797-1854), 2nd bt., son of Sir Henry Brooke, 1st bt., and had issue three sons and one daughter; died 27 December 1886; will proved 10 March 1887 (estate £3,532);
(15) Edward Hamilton Anson (1821-1914), born at Caen (France), 2 December 1821; officer in Bengal Civil Service; Gentleman Usher; married, 1843 at Bath (Somerset), Louisa Clapcott and had issue three sons and one daughter; died 12 July 1914; will proved 6 August 1914 (estate £8,609).
He died 4 November 1849; his will was proved 8 December 1849. His wife died 24 February 1834.

Anson, Sir William (1772-1847), 1st bt. Third son of George Anson (né Adams) of Orgreave Hall and his wife Mary, daughter of George Venables-Vernon, 1st Baron Vernon, born 13 August 1772. Served in the Army in the Peninsular War; appointed KCB and created a baronet, 30 September 1831. He married, 26 January 1815 at St Marylebone (Middx), Louisa Frances Mary (d. 1837), only child of John Dickenson of Birch Hall, Manchester, and had issue:
(1) Sir John William Hamilton Anson (1816-73), 2nd bt., born 26 December 1816; educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (matriculated 1834); married, 27 July 1842, Elizabeth Catherine (d. 1903), daughter of Maj-Gen. Sir Denis Pack KCB and had issue four sons and seven daughters, from whom descends the current Anson baronet; killed in a railway accident at Wigan (Lancs), 2 August 1873; will proved 19 September 1873 (estate under £30,000);
(2) Mary Louisa Anson (1818-56), born 5 January 1818; married, 8 July 1848, Rev. Matthew Thomas Farrer of Ingleborough (Yorks), vicar of Addington and Shirley (Surrey) and had issue three sons and one daughter; died 15 November and was buried at Shirley 21 November 1856; administration of goods granted November 1859 (estate under £300);
(3) William Vernon Dickenson Anson (1819-42), born 10 February and baptised 10 March 1819; died unmarried, 1842;
(4) Very Rev. George Henry Grenville Anson (1820-98), born 19 July 1820; educated at Eton and Exeter College, Oxford; ordained 1843; vicar of Rusholme (Lancs); Archdeacon of Manchester, 1870-90; married, 27 June 1848, Augusta Agnes Hook; died 9 February 1898 and was buried at Rusholme; will proved 17 March 1898 (estate £10,979);
(5) Anne Georgiana Frances Anson (b. 1822), born 14 July 1822; married, 19 February 1846, Rev. William Thornton (1806-81) of Kingsthorpe Hall (Northants) and had issue two sons and five daughters; died 22 November 1911; will proved 20 January 1912 (estate £19,335);
(6) twin, Maj-Gen. Sir Archibald Edward Harbord Anson KCMG (1826-1925), born 16 April 1826; educated at home and locally in Woolwich; served with Army 1844-67 in Crimea, Mauritius, Madagascar and India; Lt-Governor of Penang, 1867-82 and during that period was four times Acting Governor of Straits Settlements; on retirement, JP for Sussex; married 1st, 9 January 1851, Elizabeth Mary (d. 1891), daughter of Richard Bourchier and had issue two sons and one daughter; married 2nd, 15 May 1906, Isabelle Jane (d. 1923), daughter of Robert Armitstead of Dunscar (Lancs); died February 1925 aged 98 and was buried at Hastings Cemetery; will proved 5 June 1925 (estate £46,695);
(7) twin, Louisa Frances Maria Anson (1826-1904), born 16 April and baptised 22 May 1826; married, 16 April 1857, Francis Du Cane (1826-80) and had issue one son and seven daughters; died 14 January 1904; will proved 17 February 1904 (estate £4,560).
Through his wife he inherited the Birch Hall estate in Manchester, which was let to tenants and never became a family residence.
He died 14 January and was buried 19 January 1847 at Kensal Green (Middx). His wife died 25 July and was buried 1 August 1837 at Kensal Green.

Thomas William Anson,
1st Earl of Lichfield
Anson, Thomas William (1795-1854), 2nd Viscount Anson and 1st Earl of Lichfield. Eldest son of Thomas Anson (1767-1818), 1st Viscount Anson, and his wife Lady Anne Margaret, daughter of Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester, born 20 October 1795 and baptised at Colwich (Staffs), 17 November 1795. Educated at Eton c.1809-13 and Christ Church, Oxford (matriculated 1814); Whig MP for Yarmouth, June-July 1818; succeeded his father as 2nd Viscount Anson, 31 July 1818; appointed to Privy Council, 1830; Master of the Royal Buckhounds at Windsor, 1830-34; created 1st Earl of Lichfield in the coronation honours of King William IV, 15 September 1831; Postmaster General, 1835-41, in which capacity he oversaw the introduction of the penny post; High Steward of Yarmouth, 1836-54. Described by Greville as "a fine fellow with an excellent disposition, liberal, hospitable, frank and gay, quick and intelligent", but he was also extravagant and given to betting, and through this and heavy electioneering expenses he severely overspent; in 1842 almost the entire contents of Shugborough except the family portraits were sold to pay his debts. He married, 11 February 1819 at St James, Westminster (Middx), Louisa Barbara Catherine (c.1802-79), daughter of Nathaniel Phillips of Slebech Hall (Pembs) and had issue:
(1) Lady Louisa Mary Anne Anson (1820-82); married, 26 November 1838, Lt-Col. Edward King-Tenison (d. 1878) of Kilronan Castle (Roscommon) and had issue two daughters; died 27 August 1882;
(2) Lady Anne Frederica Anson (1823-96); married, 29 August 1843, Francis Charteris (1818-1914), 10th Earl of Wemyss and 6th Earl of March and had issue seven sons and three daughters; died 22 July 1896;
(3) Thomas George Anson (1825-92), 2nd Earl of Lichfield (q.v.);
(4) Lady Harriet Frances Maria Anson (1829-98); married, 7 June 1851, Augustus Henry Venables-Vernon (1829-83), 6th Baron Vernon and had issue two sons and five daughters; died 15 February 1898 and was buried at Sudbury (Derbys); will proved 26 April 1898 (estate £11,720);
(5) Hon. William Victor Leopold Horatio Anson (1833-56), born 1 August 1833; officer in Royal Navy; died 1856;
(6) Lt-Col. Hon. Augustus Henry Archibald Anson (1835-77) VC, born 5 March 1835; served in 84th Foot and 8th Hussars (Lt-Col); awarded VC for actions during the Indian Mutiny in 1857; MP for Lichfield, 1859-68 and Bewdley, 1869-74; married, 1 December 1863, Amelia Maria (who m2, 13 August 1881, 8th Duke of Argyll and died 1894), daughter of Rt Rev. Thomas Legh Claughton DD, Bishop of St. Albans; died without issue at Cannes (France), 17 November 1877 and is commemorated by a monument in Lichfield Cathedral; will proved 13 April 1878 (estate under £4,000);
(7) Lady Gwendoline Isabella Anna Maria Anson (1838-1912); married, 19 April 1865, Nicholas Power O'Shee (d. 1902) of Gardenmorris (Waterford) and had issue two sons; died 14 March 1912;
(8) Very Rev. & Hon. Adelbert John Robert Anson (1840-1909), born 20 December 1840; educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford (matriculated 1859; BA 1862; MA 1867; DD); ordained 1865; rector of Woolwich (Kent), 1875-83; Bishop of Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1884-92, where he courted controversy by encouraging the English settler community to consider themselves superior to other settlers and native people and to hold themselves aloof; Master of St. John's Hospital, Lichfield, 1893-98 and assistant bishop of Lichfield; Canon Residentiary and Chancellor of Lichfield Cathedral; died unmarried, 27 May 1909 and was buried at Colwich; will proved 25 August 1909 (estate £8,627).
He inherited the Shugborough estate from his father in 1818. In 1819 he purchased the Ranton estate where he built Ranton Abbey the following year.
He died 18 March 1854 at 2 Great Stanhope St., London. His widow died 20 August 1879 at 28 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London; her will was proved 11 October 1879 (estate under £7,000).

Thomas George Anson,
2nd Earl of Lichfield
Anson, Thomas George (1825-92), 2nd Earl of Lichfield. Eldest son of Thomas William Anson (1795-1854), 1st Earl of Lichfield, and his wife Louisa Barbara Catherine, daughter of Nathaniel Phillips of Slebech Hall (Pembs), born 15 August 1825. Educated at Eton, 1839-41. Precis writer in Foreign Office, 1846-47; Liberal MP for Lichfield, 1847-54; Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, 1863-71. He married, 10 April 1855, Lady Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton (1834-1913), eldest daughter of James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn, and had issue:
(1) Thomas Francis Anson (1856-1918), 3rd Earl of Lichfield (q.v.);
(2) Lt-Col. Hon. Sir George Augustus Anson (1857-1947), KCB of Rowley Hall (Staffs), born 22 December 1857; educated at Harrow and Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; Capt. in Royal Artillery; Lt-Col. of Royal Field Artillery, 1915-16; Chairman, Staffordshire Territorial Forces Association, 1922-37; Chief Constable of Staffordshire 1888-1929; DL for Staffordshire; appointed MVO 1907, CBE 1925, KCB 1937; awarded KPM 1918; married, 27 September 1884, Blanche Mary (1863-1941), daughter of George Miller of Brentry (Glos) and had issue two sons and one daughter; died 25 Mary 1947; buried at Crondall (Hants); will proved 29 August 1947 (estate £16,239);
(3) Maj. Hon. Henry James Anson (1858-1904), born 29 December 1858; served in 2nd bttn, Highland Light Infantry; ADC to Governor General of Canada; married, 27 October 1902, Lady Adelaide Audrey Ryder (d. 1956), daughter of Henry Dudley Ryder, 4th Earl of Harrowby; died without issue in Jersey, 26 February 1904; will proved 7 April 1904 (estate £7,760);
(4) Lady Florence Beatrice Anson (1860-1946), born 12 August 1860; married, 15 August 1885, Col. Sir Henry Streatfeild GCVO (1857-1938) of Chiddingstone (Kent), private secretary and equerry to HM Queen Alexandra 1910-25, and had issue one son; died 25 September 1946; will proved 22 February 1947 (estate £9,516);
(5) Hon. Frederic William Anson (1862-1917) of Cell Barnes (Herts), born 4 February 1862; JP for Hertfordshire; married 1st, 3 August 1886, Florence Louisa Jane (d. 1908), daughter of Lt-Col. John Henry Bagot Lane of Kings Bromley (Staffs) and had issue three sons and three daughters; married 2nd, 16 June 1915, Edith Emily (d. 1961), daughter of S.E. Rowland of Slinfold (Sussex); died 2 April 1917; will proved 5 June 1917 (estate £32,483);
(6) Hon. Claud Anson (1864-1947) of Ballyin, Lismore (Waterford), born 11 January 1864; educated at Harrow; JP and Vice-Lord Lieutenant for Co. Waterford; High Sheriff of Co. Waterford, 1909; married, 27 February 1901, Lady Clodagh Beresford (1879-1957), youngest daughter of 5th Marquess of Waterford and had issue two sons and one daughter; died 25 December 1947; will proved 24 June 1948 (estate in England £13,794);
(7) Lady Beatrice Anson (1865-1919), born April-June 1865; married, 30 July 1890, Lt-Col. Richard Hamilton Rawson MP (1863-1918) of Gravenhurst, Bolney (Sussex) and had issue one son and two daughters; died 15 December 1919; will proved 13 March 1920 (estate £34,346);
(8) Hon. Francis Anson (1867-1928), born 7 March and baptised 23 May 1867; emigrated to America, 1884 and became an American citizen; stock rancher in Texas, but retired to England; served in WW1 as Capt. in South Wales Borderers, 1915-16; married, 15 June 1892, Caroline (1873-1951), second daughter of George Cleveland of Coleman, Texas (USA) and had issue four sons and one daughter; died 13 April 1928; will proved 29 June 1928 (estate £136,125);
(9) Lady (Mary) Maud Anson (1869-1961), born 8 July 1869; appointed OBE 1920; married, 19 July 1893, Hon. Edward Alan Dudley Ryder (1869-1949), son of Henry Dudley Ryder, 4th Earl of Harrowby and had issue one son and two daughters; died 22 September 1961; will proved 18 December 1961 (estate £31,183);
(10) Lady Edith Anson (1870-1932), baptised 23 December 1870; married, 29 April 1895, Lionel Fortescue King (1865-1929), 3rd Earl of Lovelace, and had issue one son and three daughters; died 8 October 1932
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Coat of arms - ANSON
Quarterly, 1st, argent, three bends engrailed gules, in the sinister chief a crescent of the last (for Anson);
Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of Peerage, Baronetage - ANSON
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Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Thomas Anson, viscount Anson, of Shugboroug and Or- greave, in the county of Stafford,
Baron Soberton, of Soberton, co. Hants, by patent; born Feb. 17, 1767, ll. d.; married September 15, 1794, Anne Margaret, second daughter of Thomas William Coke, Esq. of Holkham Hall, in the county of Norfolk, and has issue, 1st, Thomas William, 6. Oct. 20, 1795  2d, George* b. Oct. 13, 1797; 3d,Charles-Littleton,t6.Jan. 28, 1799 ; 4th, William,}: b. Feb. 26, 1801 ; 5th, Henry, 6. May 15, 1804; 6th, Edward, 6. Jane 21, 1805, d. an infant ; 7th, Anne Margaret, 6. Oct. 3, 1796 ; 8th, Georgiana, b. June 6, 1802, d. an infant ; 9th, Georgiana, b. Jan. 3, 1807; 10th, Edward Harcourt, b- Aug. 20, 1808; 11th, Frances Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9, 1810 ; 12th, Frederica Sophia, 6. Aug. 24, 1814; 13th, Eliza Jane, 6. Feb. 26, 1816.

The family of Anson have been seated in this county for many generations ; first, at Dunstan, in the parish of Peukridge, till William Anson, Esq. having purchased, in the reign of James I. the manor of Shugborough, made it his chief residence, and it has continued to be the seat of the family to the present day. William Anson, Esq. his son and heir, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Stafford, of Botham Hall, Derbyshire, Esq. and by her had issue, three daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary ; also a son, William, his heir, who m- Isabella, daughter of Charles Carrier, Esq. of Wirkworth, co. Derby, (sister to Janette Countess of Macclesfield) from whom is descended the present Earl. He died in Aug. 1720. Thomas, the eldest son, 6- in 1695, and dying unmarried in 1773, left his estate to his nephew, Mr. Adams; George, the celebrated Admiral, who for his signal naval services was re warded by George II. with a Peerage, by the title of Lord Anson, Baron of Soberton, co. Hants, June 13, 1747; he m. the eldest daughter of the first Earl of Hardwicke, and d. June 6, 1762, without issue, (for an account of the eminent services of this great man, see article " Anson," in the Biography of this work) ; Janette, m.
Sambrook Adams, Esq. by whom she left issue George, (who took the name of Anson,) father of the present Peer ; Isabella, Anne, and Johanna. George Adams, Esq. his Lordship's nephew, [already mentioned) succeeded to his Lordship's property, as well as to that of his uncle Thomas Anson, Esq. He m. Jan. 5, 1763, Mary, daughter of George Venables Vernon, first Lord Vernon, and had issue, Thomas, the present Viscount ;

George, ft. Aug. 12, 1769, who received the unanimous thanks of the House of Commons three different times for his gallant services in the Peninsular war, a Major-General in the Army, at. p. for Lichfield, Aid-de-Camp to the King, and K.c. b. tn. May 27, 1800, Frances, sister of Sir Francis Hamilton, and has issue; Charles, in holy orders, m. a. ft. Aug. 20, 1770; Sir William, h. Aug. 13, 1772, a Major-General in the Army, Knight Commander of the Most Hon. Order of the Bath, who likewise received the unanimous thanks of both Houses of Parliament, (well-earned rewards of his military services ;) Henry, in holy orders, M. a. b. Dec. 19, 1793 ; Sambrook, b. Feb, 18, 1779, a Captain in the King's Ova Militia, in. in Jan. 1801, Henrietta, daughter of James Ramsbottom, Esq.; Frederick, in holy orders, m. a. 6. March 23, 1779, m- in May 1807, the only daughter of the late Rev. Richard Levett, of Milford, co. Stafford; Mary, 6. Dec. 8, 1763, m. Jan. 22, 1785, Sir Francis Ford, Bart. ; Anne, ft. Feb. 22, 1768, m. Bell Lloyd, Esq. of Bodfach, co. Montgomery ; and Catherine Juliana, ft. Dec 27, 1780. Creations. -

Viscount Anson, of Shugborough and Orgreave, co. Stafford, and Baron of Soberton, February 17th, 1806. Arms. - Argent, three bends, engrailed, Gules, a crescent for difference. Crtst. - Out of a ducal coronet, Or, the top of a spear, Argent. Supported. - On the Dexter side, a sea-horse, Argent; on the sinister, a boa guarded collared. Motto.- Nil Desperandum - (Fear not). heir- Apparent. - The Hon. Thomas William Anson.